Company Formation Dubai​

You need to take
the documents
needed for company
formation in Dubai


Document Clearing Services

We are here to assist you with
the right guidance.​We clear all the documents related to
registration of a company.


Attestation services in Dubai

We attest all types of Documents like Educational, Non-Educatinal, and commercial Docs like marriage certificates, etc…​


Translation Services In Dubai

We Translate all your documents into arabic languages.​ We provide all type of translation services in uae.


Typing services in Dubai

We provide all kind of typing services in Dubai and other emirates also.​


PRO and Visa Services
In Dubai

We provide you with all the PRO and visa procedures and services without hassles to you.

How can we help you?​

We settle all disputes involving UAE law. Ask The Law gives his clients the best legal advice possible. We assist people in resolving legal disputes because we are well-versed in UAE law. Our Dubai-based Law Firm has successfully resolved thousands of cases, demonstrating their trust. We are considered the best Legal Consultants in Dubai.

Removing Absconding, Immigration and Police Case in UAE

UAE Labour Law states that an employee can be declared as Absconded by the employer if he or she does not join the work for consecutive 7 days. If there is no information to the company, no sick leave, no vacation or there is no valid ground, then the employer can declare an employee Absconded.


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